BURN is an action-packed, award-winning film exploring human struggles, hope and personal courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

From executive producer Denis Leary and Jim Serpico ("Rescue Me"), this riveting and inspiring film spends a year with Detroit firefighters, who are charged with the thankless task of saving a city many have written off as dead.

With vast stretches of abandoned buildings, the highest arson rate in the country, and a budget crisis of epic proportions, these brave men and women risk injury, disablement, and death to try and make a difference for the city they call home.

The firefighters’ worst fears are realized when a charismatic young fireman is devastatingly injured on the job. The brotherhood is tested when the city turns to a new fire commissioner to shake up the system with hard-line decisions and drastic, often controversial measures.

Closer than you’ve ever been, BURN takes you into the fires and into the lives of those who fight them in the most overworked and worst-funded fire department in the United States.

With tremendous grassroots support, we made more than a movie with BURN — we made history. Millions of first responders, civilians, and legislators saw the film in theaters, at home and in firehouses all over the world. Audience response was tremendous. BURN became one of the most successful independent films of all time. Most importantly, we were able to donate more than $310,000 in much needed equipment to Detroit firefighters from the proceeds.

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Produced & Directed by Tom Putnam & Brenna Sanchez. Executive Producers Denis Leary & Jim Serpico (Apostle, "Rescue Me.")

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